Christmas gifts!

I am all cuddled up in a cosy blanket near a radiator. My bedroom is reorganized and cleaned, my body is detoxed (‘drinking more water’ counts as detoxing, right?) and my studying sessions (hello January exams!) are planned . Long story short: 2017 is here and I couldn’t be more ready. However, I am sad that the Holidays are over. I already miss strolling through Christmassy-decorated streets, picking out the perfect gifts for everyone, including myself :). Just like last year and the year before, I spent Christmas eve at Kasper’s grandparents’ house. and just like all previous years, there were tons of presents. I remember that on my first Christmas eve there, I was just absolutely amazed, yet a little shocked at the sight of the mountain of presents and I immediately knew: “This family OWNS Christmas!” 1-IMG_54441-IMG_5441

This year was an absolute winner on the Christmas presents-front. Not just for me, but for everyone. Everyone just loved every single thing they got and it was amazing to see how people really thought about buying the perfect present for each other. Just like I did last year, I wanted to show you some of the wonderful things I got for Christmas!



Kasper got me the gorgeous Pandora ‘Ice drops’ ring. I am very surprised by Pandora’s great quality. I have got some Swarovski pieces (ridiculously overpriced if you ask me, but that’s a whole other story), but their quality is not even near as nice as Pandora’s. The initial necklace was my mom’s present. I had been eyeing it for a while and apparently, she picked up on that!

1-IMG_5636 1-IMG_55721-IMG_5640

This was the present that Kasper’s parents gave me and I was so excited when I opened it! My Pinterest is filled with pictures of this “better together” organizer. I am quite the organization fanatic, so my inner Monica Geller screamed with joy. This may look like an ordinary laptop case from the outside, but on the inside, it has room for all the stationary stuff you could ever need.


This fluffy handbag was a gift from Kasper’s grandmother. I’m pretty sure it is the cutest wearable item I have ever owned.

1-IMG_5605 1-IMG_5619 1-IMG_5614 1-IMG_5612 1-IMG_5608

This book was at the top of my wishlist. I dont know if I’ve ever mentioned it, but I am quite the J.K. Rowling fan. I have literally read my Harry Potter books so many times that I’m in desperate need of a new set, so When ‘Fantastic Beasts’ came out, I knew it had to be good.

1-IMG_5591-0011-IMG_5599 1-IMG_5595

Hey there’s a surprise! Another J.K. Rowling book! This is the illustrated version of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s stone. I just love the style of the illustrations. Also, I can imagine how this is a great book if you have children.

There you go! I couldn’t show you every single thing I got, because some things – a great oil burner, a wonderful shower gel and some other things – are being used and some others are at my boyfriend’s house. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a very happy new year and I wish you all the best for 2017 (and years to come!)



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  • Leuke cadeautjes heb je gekregen Evi!

  • Van waar hebben ze die organizer? Ik wil die ook echt supergraag ! Toffe cadeaus btw 😀

    • Evi Colson

      Die organizer is van het merk “Moochitings” 😀 dat merk heeft een website, maar of ze het ook daar gekocht hebben weet ik niet :p